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Senior Circuit

The Rawlings Senior Circuit Program is a series of weekend tournaments to provide Masters and Seniors teams of all ages and levels (Competitive, Intermediate & Recreational) an opportunity to compete on a regular basis and to earn points to determine a Senior Circuit Champion each year.

If you have a Masters or Seniors team that thinks it has what it takes to be a Senior Circuit Champion, why not give it a try?

Registration opens each year in March!


A series of weekend tournaments to provide Senior teams of all ages and levels (Competitive, Intermediate & Recreational) an opportunity to compete on a regular basis and to earn points to determine the Senior Circuit Champion.

All participating teams must be registered and insured members of SPO.

This year, the following divisions will be offered:
50+Competitive, 50+Intermediate/Recreational, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+

The Senior Circuit Registration Fee is $145.00 + HST ($163.85). Included in this fee is a full SPO Team Membership, including liability insurance and secondary accident and health insurance coverage for all players, a Scorebook and a Handbook.

The Entry Fee for each regular Senior Circuit Event will be $380 (including tax).

Registration will be done in the SPO MRS (Member Registration System). Registration (including payment) must be completed at least 14 days prior to a team's first Event.

Entries for each Event (including payment) must be completed no later than 10:00 pm on the Sunday a week prior to the start of each Event. Teams may be accepted after the deadline only if it is convenient to the Schedule and a $100.00 late fee will apply. Teams that have entered but not paid by the deadline will not be put in the schedule.

3 Teams (1 Day) - Round Robin - Final 1st vs 2nd
4 to 6 teams Teams - Round Robin - Page Playoff Format

7 plus teams - Modified Double Knockout

In 50+ and older, if categories/divisions need to be combined, the Equalizer rule may be used.

Equalizer Rule: The older or lower division team will be given the choice of the following: (a) 5 Runs (1 per inning through innings 2-6); or (b) 11 Players on Defense.

Team Rosters (for use in Event #1) must be submitted prior to May 13th, 2019. Maximum roster size is 20 Players.

Teams may adjust this Roster for each Event, but an Event's Roster must be submitted by the Wednesday before each Event. A Player may be on only one Roster in a division, but may be on a team in a different division. A Player may only play in one division in any Event.

Rosters are frozen as of July 16th (after the 3rd Event).

Grandfather Age Rule
A maximum of two (2) Players that are one (1) calendar year younger than the division age will be permitted on each team. These Players cannot have an A or B rating.

Current and previous year's Rosters will be used in determining a Player's rating.

Short Bench Rule:
A Player will be permitted to play on a team in a lower division along with his own team in the same tournament. This can only be done if a team is below 12 Players and they can only add to take their team up to a maximum of 12 Players. Any addition must be done in writing and submitted to the Registration Desk prior to the first game of the Event - it cannot be done during an Event. If a Player is ejected, they will not be able to play on either team until they sit out a game from the division they were ejected from. If a Players gets ejected from the team's last game of an Event and if their other team is still playing, they will have to sit out that next game and then would be eligible. A Player may be on more than one short-handed list. Please Note: This rule has been implemented in an effort to increase participation. Please do not abuse this initiative.

For the 2019 season of the Masters Circuit, SPO will follow the USSSA Bat Certification Program. Composite bats must be marked with the new "USSSA BPF 1.20" logo on the taper of the barrel (known as the "Thumbprint"). Random bat testing will occur during all Events.

Special Rules
Courtesy Runners:
50+ & 55+ - 7 per game (same runner cannot run twice in a game).
60+, 65+ & 70+ - Unlimited (a runner may run only once per inning).

Home Run Rule:
50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+ - 3

Base Running:
No outfielder may make a force out at first base. (Mens 65+ and 70+ only.)

Point Structure
1st - 13 points;
2nd - 11 points;
3rd - 9 points;
4th - 7 points and
Participation - 5 Points.

Prizes and Payout Structures
Prize money of $100 per team/per division will be set aside for distribution at the Senior Circuit Provincial Championship Weekend. Please see Participation Requirements below to make sure you qualify. The final top 3 teams in each division will earn a berth to the appropriate USSSA World Tournament, or equivalent event, for the current or subsequent year.

Special Procedures
Any team, after participating in a Tournament, that forfeits the start of a subsequent game during that Tournament will be suspended from the remainder of the Tournament and will receive no points.

Participation Requirements
Teams must compete in two (2) of the four (4) Events to be eligible for the Senior Circuit Championship. Players must compete in a minimum of one (1) Event to be eligible to participate in the Provincials.

How to Register

Registration for the Senior Circuit and all Events opens March 1st each year and must be done on-line.

At the start of each season, if you are a Team Contact, you will need to log in and transfer your information over to this year, saving you lots of time and effort. Update your Team, if necessary, and then go Event Registration. Search for the Event you wish to play in and register your Team in it.

For your Team's first Event, the Senior Circuit Program Administration Fee (which includes insurance for you and your Players) will be added to the entry fee. If you are new to the Circuit, you will need to Create a Team, add your Players, and then enter an Event, as above.


We have negotiated special rates for SPO Super Series and Senior Circuit teams at various London hotels and lodging facilities. Be sure to tell them you are a Super Series or Senior Circuit team when booking! Please do not book online. Call direct to get the SPO rate!

As always, we appreciate and thank you for your support of the businesses who support SPO and our Tournament Programs.


    591 Wellington Road, London, (519) 681-7151
    From $169/night


    1156 Wellington Road South, London, (519) 685-9300
    From $79.99/night



    1100 Wellington Road South, London, (519) 681-1240
    From $105/night

    1150 Wellington Road South, London, (519) 681-0600
    (Use SET/Corporate Account # 540891)   

    From $112/night 



    855 Wellington Road South, London, (519) 668-7900
    From $84/night


    1120 Dearness Drive, London, (519) 680-1024
    From $89/night



    824 Exeter Road, London, (519) 649-4500
    To Be Determined



    800 Exeter Road, London, (519) 681-1200
    From $99/night

IMPORTANT: It is unfortunate that we must advise that Ramada London (Exeter Road, London) is no longer a business in good standing with SPO. Given this, we are asking teams to not support this property location. Teams insistent on staying at the Ramada London will not be welcome in any SPO Events. Should you have any questions, or require any further information with respect to this matter, please contact Tom Buchan directly at (905) 646-7773.

2019 Event Schedule
Date Event Divisions
May 18-19, 2019 SC1 All
June 8-9, 2019 SC2 All
July 13-14, 2019 SC3 All
August 10-11, 2019 SC4 All
September 6-8, 2019 Provincials All


* Please note that the 65+ and 70+ divisions only will play on the Friday and Saturday of the Event.

2019 Standings

Senior Circuit

2019 Canada-USA Senior Border Battle - July 26-28, 2019

Click HERE for the schedule.